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    Sailing Around The World

    We have left the ordinary world behind and set off to find adventure and to explore the world. We are happy to share this journey with you and bring you along!

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    Creating a YouTube Web Series

    We create multiple original videos per week of our travels and provide them free of charge to view on YouTube. We even host weekly live chats!

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    Join Us On The Boat

    Every two months we hold a drawing to invite one of our great patrons to join us on the boat. You could be next!

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Our Crew

  • Bobby


    Bobby lost his career as a corporate pilot due to medical reasons so he sold everything he owned, bought a boat and set off to sail around the world.

  • Laura


    Laura is a registered nurse who had been living in the caribbean for 6 years before joing the Sailing Doodles crew. She has an adventurous spirit and an outgoing personality.

  • Maverick

    Wannabe Captain

    Maverick is the quiet, shy type but is very brave almost to a fault on the boat. He is a daredevil on the deck and a snuggler in the cabin.

  • Goose

    Ladies Man

    Goose is the ladies man on the boat and is always finding a way to get attention and pets from Megan and any other woman he meets.